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Erin Cadena

Erin Cadena Fine Art - Impressionism & Abstraction

Opening on First Thursday, August 5th from 6-10pm

The gallery will also be OPEN on SEPTEMBER 7-8th & 14-15th from 2-5pm.

Art As Transcendence

My approach to art is to treat it as a spiritual practice.  A meditation on the joy and beauty of life, as well as the pain. I want to celebrate and honor the full expanse of our experiences. I approach it with appreciation of what is, and hope for what is possible. I create because it makes me feel alive, present, connected and essential. My dream is to bring into being beautiful works of art. My wish is that in doing so, I will find that essential thread that connects me to all others. 


The process begins with inspiration, which can be a feeling, a place I’ve been, or an image. Music plays a very strong role, helping me to reach an emotive state. Singing and dancing occur regularly!  A painting starts with large strokes of color. It is energetic and free. Possibilities abound. Each piece consists of many layers of paint, and shifts of direction as I continually define and redefine my statement.  The goal is to be as free as possible and see what happens on the canvas. Each painting is as much about my own inner experiences as it is about the original inspiration. I believe it is my job simply to show up and do the work and then honor the magical moments that occur. This is where the  true heart of the painting lies. It is not for my mind to predetermine what the painting should be, but for the painting to be an intuitive expression of something far greater than my own limitations. 

Earlier Event: October 13
Later Event: October 12