Every First Thursday from 6 - 10 pm, the gallery is open to the public for the Art Walk.

The gallery is also available by appointment on Saturday and Sunday from 12-5pm. 

Please call or text our phone anytime if interested viewing our collection.

The Field Gallery is owned and managed by local artist Brian Wischer.

His work is available in the gallery and through our online shop. 

My Story

It has always been my dream have to public space to share my art, and the work of my fellow local artists, with the public.

After opening my studio in 2014, I quickly found myself unable to afford the art medium I had  set out to explore. Instead of oil paint, I decided to use resourced paper to create large scale works on canvas. I immediately loved this new medium and am still excited by the discoveries I find working with it.

To create my collages, I intuitively cut words and images from magazines to create a beautiful scene taken with my camera.  I carefully build my pallet of colors and apply this paper palette to a canvas or board using an acrylic gloss medium and finish each piece with an UVLC stabilizing varnish.

I enjoy using sharp geometric shapes to create the classic organic beauty of nature and therefore use mostly triangles and rectangles throughout each piece. With collage, I can create a fabric with the paper that tells a story or conveys a deeper meaning in the subject. The focus of my work is to bring awareness to the interconnectedness of everything and how this is beautiful.


Self Portrait 48x60" 

Self Portrait 48x60" 


Self Portrait by Brian Wischer